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SFBayou: Cajun Zydeco Web Resources 1994-2012
SFBayou.com started providing Cajun and Zydeco music and dance information on the Web based out of San Francisco in 1994.    In 2004  I moved permanently from San Francisco to  Southwest Louisiana and no longer maintain that website.

The San Francisco Bay Area Cajun/Zydeco Dance Calendar, maintained by Ellen Papper, is here:
San Francisco Bay Area Cajun/Zydeco Dance calendar  

"Andrea's List" for SW Louisiana arts & music related community posting is hosted by Google Groups and can by joined by clicking this link:
Acadiana Community Mailing List

Art by Andrea

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Art by Andrea

Welcome to SFBayou - an ever-evolving website by a long-time San Francisco resident who relocated to Acadiana

About Me:

Self Portrait
Originally from NYC, I lived in the SF Bay Area for 25 years before moving, in 2003, to Lafayette, LA, a vibrant Francophile community in the heart of Acadiana. There I learned to play Cajun guitar, continue to dance to Cajun & zydeco music & began sketching and painting.
Not surprisingly, my artwork has been inspired by the distinctive landscapes, wildlife and culture of Acadiana as well as my travels, my gardens & my two crazy cats.

A museum visit in the Fall of 2013 inspired me to learn how to sketch, paint & keep a travel journal. A former museum curator, with a life-long interest in photography, I enjoyed creating ink drawings through high school (and even won an award in grade school) but had never painted before. The results of these interests are now featured on this website.

I predominately work in ink and watercolor, although I have also experimented with both oils and acrylics.
Now I keep a sketchbook with me at all times and make a daily practice of dashing off at least one quick sketch or watercolor in it everyday. I particularly enjoy the process of combining the immediacy and unpredictability of watercolor with some lively ink work. 

As an adult learner (I learned to play guitar as well as study watercolor over the age of 50), I discovered the secret to 'success' is to just do something you love for the sake of doing it and not worry about or judge the results. When you are young, you don't give up on your task just because you fall down or make a mistake. You just get up and try again and expect that with practice you will get better. As adults we unrealistically think we can achieve our desired results without spending time mastering our skills. Then we quit too soon because we don't "have talent". My motto therefore has become: "Progress, not Perfection".

A selection of my greeting cards and original watercolors is available at my
Etsy Shop. Matted and framed prints as well as a lot of other fun items made from a larger selection of my artwork can be custom ordered from Andrea Rubinstein Fine Art or by clicking the Art by Andrea tab on this website. You might also like to visit my Facebook page where I frequently post photos of my most recent artwork.